So much has happened in the past month, I don’t even know where to begin.  Our family of three became a family of four on 8 June, when Nathaniel Judah was born, and we found out that we are leaving Turkey a year earlier than planned, for starters.  Those are the biggest changes, although each of those life events brings with it a host of details and complications that have consumed our days and nights.

Nathaniel is now almost seven weeks old (how did that happen so quickly?), and things seem to be evening out for him a bit.  He’s both easier and more difficult than Stephen was as a baby, which is to be expected I suppose.  He’s a great eater and is growing quickly, and in the past few weeks we’ve been treated to his first smiles.  He’s colicky, so we have spent a lot of the past month and a half holding him, rocking him, walking with him, and most of all with him in a baby carrier of some sort.  A sling, wrap, or mei tai is the fastest way to calm him down when he’s really upset.  The spells of inconsolable crying and screaming are decreasing in both frequency and duration, but we’re not out of the woods yet.  My apologies in advance to everyone who’s going to be on any of our many flights this summer.

Stephen has handled the transition as well as any two-year old can possibly be expected to do, especially when you consider that his whole house also got packed up and all of this things disappeared to his nebulous “new house” shortly after his brother’s arrival.  He’s had to deal with parents who are sleep-deprived and sometimes fairly frantic with the stress of trying to pull together an international move on less than two months’ notice, and he’s done it with amazing equanimity considering that he is, after all, only 28 months old.  Having Danny home for four weeks helped, and having my parents here during the pack out was invaluable, as it meant that Stephen had someone to interact with while Mom was tied to her nursing pillow and/or trying to console a wailing newborn.

As for the move, well, we leave tomorrow morning.  Whatever hasn’t been done is unlikely to get done at this point, and there’s something liberating about that knowledge.  The bags are almost all packed, the house is cleared out, and we’re ready to get home.  Neither Danny nor I are particularly looking forward to the 20 hour trip with two little ones, but we’ve prepared as well as we can with snacks and distractions for Stephen, and we’re crossing our fingers and toes and hoping for the best.  We’re excited about our new posting in Jordan, and looking forward to the next chapter in our family’s journey.