**Disclaimer** I haven’t done one of these “About” pages yet, even though I’ve had a blog for nearly six years now, because I don’t know how to write it without it sounding like either a personals add (“I like baking, long walks, and lying around in bed…”) or a resume (“I was formerly employed working for ‘the Man,’ and since October 2007 have been blissfully unemployed”). **end disclaimer**

I am a happily married, VERY happily unemployed, Christian stay-at-home mom to three sons – Stephen (age 4), Nathaniel (age 2) and Simon (age 2 months).  My husband Danny and I live in Amman, Jordan, for the time being.  Now that I get to be home all day, I have a plethora of hobbies including reading, knitting, baking, sewing, crocheting, and spinning (wool, not the exercise class).  I am deeply interested in living in a manner that is environmentally, fiscally, and spiritually responsible.   One day Danny and I would love to live on a patch of land somewhere beautiful and green, and live as self-sufficiently as we can, but for now we’re enjoying traveling about.  This blog tends to comprise a very random selection of posts on cooking, traveling, cloth diapering, and knitting.  I keep hoping I’ll discover some sort of cohesive theme, but apparently this blog is as random as its author.


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